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Live Event Streaming Solution

Expand Your Reach by Streaming Your Live Events

Broadcast your live and virtual events to expand the reach of your audience beyond your physical location. WonderWeb offers live broadcast & live stream solutions for virtual, Hybrid and physical events



Broadcast Live Sports

Scalable Live Recording and Video Playback

Live stream sport games, matches, and tournaments over-the-top so fans can tune in via the internet. From anywhere. Access powerful features for a professional broadcasting experience, including advanced analytics, monetization options, screen countdowns, video API, and more.


The WonderWeb online network is broadcasted from a content delivery network (CDN) data center that spans the globe.



Cross Platform

Our talented team of technicians constantly stay up to date with the latest streaming platforms and their intricacies in order to give viewers an optimum streaming experience. We also provide a single stream for multiple social media channels.

Motion Graphics

We produce creative, customized motion graphics and animations from lower thirds and slates to pre-recorded roll-in videos and anything else you might need.

Live Camera Switching

Through in-depth understand of our technology and equipment we adapt to any requirement from multiple venues to static shots and live camera switching.

Reliable Systems and Steady Backup

Recognizing the need for perfection, we ensure that our streaming services are reliable and are constantly backed up so that there is no opportunity for error.

Video calls

WonderWeb provides Livestream for video conferencing on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, Meet by Google Hangouts.

Engagement Solutions

With tailored solutions for each event, WonderWeb ensures an engaging and interactive livestream experience. Participants can engage in live Q&A and polls simultaneously, all from one platform. Customize the look and feel to match your brand, and facilitate real-time interaction among viewers.


Livestreaming, often referred to as a live event streaming solution, is the real-time transmission of video content over the internet. This technology allows individuals and businesses to share live experiences directly with their audience, fostering instant engagement through comments, likes, and shares. Livestreaming encompasses various aspects, including Livestreaming software, platforms, equipment, best practices, and monetization strategies.
Real-time video content transmission via the internet is known as livestreaming, or live event streaming solutions. With the use of this technology, people and organizations can share real-time experiences with their audience and encourage immediate interaction through shares, likes, and comments. A variety of topics are covered by livestreaming, such as platforms, equipment, software, best practices, and business strategies.
To work in Livestreaming requires essential equipment such as Livestreaming software, cameras, microphones, and a stable internet connection. Livestreaming equipment plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality, interactive content to your audience. From Livestreaming for gaming to educational Livestreaming, adapting your equipment to the specific needs of your Livestreaming events ensures a seamless and engaging experience.
Necessary tools for the livestreaming industry include cameras, microphones, software, and a reliable internet connection. In order to provide your audience with engaging, high-quality material, livestreaming equipment is essential. Customizing your equipment to meet the unique requirements of your livestreaming activities guarantees a smooth and captivating experience, whether you're livestreaming for gaming or education.