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Live Social Wall

Social walls for your events

Experience the next level of audience interaction with WonderWeb’s Live Social Wall. Seamlessly integrating your latest social media updates and real-time audience engagement, our solution brings your event to life, fostering connections and excitement like never before.

Live Social Wall


Events And Brand Activation

Researching, planning & executing effective brand activation campaigns as well as social media events to target the right audience through digital, physical as well as experiential activities.


The WonderWeb online network is broadcasted from a content delivery network (CDN) data center that spans the globe.



Social Media Wall Integration

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and More Bring your event or digital platform to life with our Social Media Wall integration. Showcase the latest social media posts, tweets, photos, and videos from various platforms, fostering real-time engagement and interaction.

Customizable Visual Experience

Our Social Media Wall is fully customizable to align seamlessly with your brand’s visual identity. From color schemes and fonts to incorporating your logo and event-specific branding, we ensure a visually stunning and cohesive experience that captivates your audience.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Boost Engagement and Brand Recognition By displaying live social media content on screen, you elevate your brand’s visibility and strengthen audience engagement. Encourage attendees or customers to interact with your brand using designated hashtags, knowing their posts will appear on the Social Media Wall, creating a buzz around your brand.

Real-Time Moderation

Maintain a Positive Environment Our Social Media Wall solution includes real-time moderation and filtering options, allowing you to curate and review content as it appears. This ensures that only appropriate and relevant posts are displayed, maintaining the integrity of your brand and event.

Seamless Integration and Support

Hassle-Free Experience
Our experienced team will seamlessly integrate the Social Media Wall into your event or digital platform, providing comprehensive technical support from setup to monitoring and troubleshooting. With our assistance, you can focus on engaging with your audience while we handle the technical aspects.


A Social Wall is a constantly evolving digital center that unites posts from multiple social media networks into a single, central location. Frequently utilized for events, this captivating function produces a live feed or exhibition of user-generated material associated with a certain hashtag or subject. WonderWeb, a top digital marketing agency in Dubai, recognizes the value of including a Social Wall at events since it offers an engaging and interactive experience that stimulates audience participation.
A Social Wall must be strategically integrated and customized in order to be used effectively. The easy modification of your digital wall is made possible by our sophisticated administration interface. Real-time participation may be fostered by simply setting up your Social Wall to broadcast live updates about your event or hashtag. Selecting the Social TV template for a visual presentation, the Social Event template for panoramic views, or the Social Live template for huge screens all meet specific event requirements and guarantee an engaging experience for guests.
Multiple platforms are supported by a Social Wall, which aggregates content from different social media networks. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media aggregation platforms can be easily incorporated into your Social Wall. This adaptability guarantees that the variety of social media postings from your audience are presented in a cohesive and eye-catching way. WonderWeb specializes in building personalized Social Walls that work with a variety of social media sites to provide extensive involvement during events.
There are several advantages to having a Social Wall for events and brand interaction. A Social Wall does more for your event than just make it seem better. It fosters a feeling of community and motivates guests to engage by sharing and interacting with the content that is displayed. Through the display of user-generated content, expansion of brand reach, and creation of an unforgettable event experience, Social Walls also enhance brand engagement. Furthermore, our Social Walls offer insightful information about trends, noteworthy contributors, and event discussions.